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Market Monitor – New Illinois Energy Legislation Likely To Increase Utility Costs and Energy Budgets

The new Illinois legislative measure includes several well-publicized components, such as the subsidy for nuclear power and the timelines for closure of coal plants, but it also contained many other items which will impact total electricity costs for all customers. The impacts are concentrated on utility delivery cost components. Customers will not know the actual […]

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Market Monitor – Long-Term Natural Gas Contracts Can Help Mitigate Current High Prices

As we face the current elevated market, longer-term contracts may provide more advantageous rates that can help lower overall costs by mitigating the impact of near-term high prices with lower futures prices. Unprecedented circumstances, including the extreme winter weather that swept most of the country in February, record U.S. gas export levels, and record-breaking summer […]

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Market Monitor – Rising Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) Prices Are Impacting Energy Budgets

Renewable energy certificates (RECs) represent the environmental attributes of renewable generation and are measured and sold per Megawatt-Hour (MWh) of energy produced. Voluntary RECs are those purchased beyond statutory obligation and are often certified under the nationally recognized Green-e program administered by the Center for Resource Solutions. Over the past 24 months, voluntary REC prices […]

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Market Monitor – Winter Storm Uri: Long Term Price Impacts

In the days and weeks following the energy crisis caused by Winter Storm Uri a large number of legislative measures seeking to change electricity market rules were introduced in ERCOT, but added risk of volatility in the market is driving increases in forward prices more than potential rule changes. The highly publicized Senate Bill 2142 […]

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