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Ohio electric deregulation on the chopping block?

Utilities in Ohio are working on legislation that would cut back on electricity deregulation in the state in order to help fund power plants that are struggling to stay open with the low-price environment for electricity.  The utilities are looking for subsidies similar to ones in other states, but opponents say that the subsidies would […]

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Rick Perry: Hunt acquisition of Oncor threatens Texas’ power grid

Reliable electricity is the expectation of Texas consumers. The strength and reliability of the electrical grid are the lifeblood of our strong Texas economy. As the Public Utility Commission (PUC) considers a bid by Hunt Consolidated Energy to purchase the state’s largest electric transmission and distribution company, Oncor, I am very concerned the Hunt proposal, […]

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The top 10 trends transforming the electric power sector

From the decline of coal power to the rise of energy storage, big changes are taking hold in the industry By now, it’s become cliché to suggest that the utility industry is on the brink of a massive transformation. Analysts told us this would happen — the traditional electric utility model would be upended, and […]

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How demand flexibility is about to transform electricity delivery

Automated energy efficiency, dubbed ‘flexiwatts,’ could change how we consume energy for good Solar and battery storage are commonly noted as the biggest threats — and opportunities — for the utility business model, but a new report shows that when consumers use their electricity may matter just as much to utilities as if they produce […]

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