About Tradition Energy

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Tradition Energy is the nation’s largest independent energy procurement, and sustainability solutions consultant.

Our Experience, Market Knowledge and Procurement Leverage in the industry is unmatched. The scale of our business results in more energy suppliers and renewable providers competing for our client’s business, offering better prices and commercial terms.

We are part of the Tradition Group, publicly traded (SW:CFT) and ranked amongst the top 3 worldwide in financial products and commodities with over 2,400 employees in 30 countries.

Key Numbers

Why Clients Choose Tradition Energy

The scale of our business results in more energy suppliers competing for our client’s business, offering better prices and commercial terms.
  • Advising clients in energy commodities markets since 1986
  • Over 124 billion kWh in energy usage and more than $131 billion in energy spend managed
  • The trusted advisor to more than 1,350 commercial, industrial, and governmental clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to medium-sized businesses to local municipalities
  • Full-service solutions originating from our best practices developed working with national clients
  • 97% of our clients say that our “strategic recommendations are making a positive contribution to their enterprise”
Wholesale Market Knowledge & Expertise
Tradition is the only firm with a leading presence in both the institutional and retail energy markets.
  • Industry-acclaimed energy market research expert and primary source for market intelligence
  • Our unique position in the energy markets ensures that clients make the best-timed, best-informed procurement decisions
  • Tradition produces more market research and intelligence reporting tools used to drive future decision-making by clients than any other firm
  • Tradition market research experts are contacted daily by global media outlets and quoted in the news more than 30 times a month
Procurement Leverage
Tradition prices with more suppliers than any other firm.
  • The Tradition Energy Pricing System (TEPS) is the only one of its kind or scale in the industry; No other firm has all suppliers using their system
  • Due to Tradition’s size and leverage in the marketplace, all suppliers must use TEPS to provide pricing for clients
  • TEPS delivers head-to-head supplier competition, faster responses, increased transparency, and lower costs
  • No conflicts of interest; we separate supplier negotiation and pricing from our advisory team
  • 75 energy suppliers competed for our clients’ business in 2023
  • Ranked #1 in Market Share and Overall Satisfaction by energy suppliers nationwide
Sustainability Solutions
Tradition simplifies your efforts by helping you achieve your sustainability goals through an integrated and financially feasible energy strategy.
  • As your independent advisor, we align with your goals to deliver results that allow you to maximize your efforts
  • Complete solutions for your most critical sustainability needs: On & Off-Site Solar, Community Solar, Virtual Power Purchasing Agreements (VPPAs), and Efficiency
  • Renewable providers must pass a rigorous vetting process before being introduced to clients
  • +35 renewable providers compete for our client sustainability projects
Data & Reporting Solutions
TEAMView PRO is the most comprehensive utility data management solution in the market.
  • Manage data-driven, accurate forecasts of energy costs, consumption, and emissions
  • Budget accurately based on proprietary consumption, forecasting algorithm, supply market predictions, delivery tariff rates, and Public Service Commission rate cases
  • Utility bill management with building/facility region or portfolio consolidation
  • AP software integration to auto-populate all necessary information to facilitate payment to your utility or ESCO accounts.
Premier Client Support
Your energy advisor remains your single point of contact throughout the life of your agreement
  • 17:1 ratio of clients to Tradition professionals
  • Access to 80 professionals providing ongoing support for all of your energy needs
  • Proactive risk management alerts you to procurement opportunities or issues that may affect your business
  • Customized reporting, including budgeting, forecasting, and procurement performance
  • 30+ client education events provided each year via monthly product and service webinars, biannual price forecasts, and face-to-face training seminars
  • Dedicated energy supplier representatives assigned to Tradition clients for a higher level of service
  • 98% of clients say they are “likely to use our service again”

Integrated Energy Management Solutions


  • Electricity, Natural Gas, Carbon Offsets, Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)
  • Market Research & Intelligence
  • Strategic Risk Management
  • Load Management


  • On & Off-Site Solar
  • Community Solar
  • Virtual Power Purchasing Agreements (VPPAs)
  • Efficiency Solutions

Data & Reporting

  • TEAMView PRO
  • Rate Optimization & Tariff Analysis
  • Bill Processing & Payment

Premier Client Support

  • Client Services
  • Communications
  • Client Education

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