Client Testimonials

“Thank you so very much for the donation Tradition made to those in our office that were flooded during Harvey!!”

I am still overwhelmed by the kind hearts and generous spirits of all those concerned friends that we work with! I am so blessed and do not take Tradition for granted, as we are truly lucky to conduct our business with people who really care.  We so appreciate the custom service we receive.  I can’t thank you enough for the generous donation.”

- Senior Vice President, Commercial Real Estate Company

“Our Tradition Energy Advisor is profoundly knowledgeable about your industry and is a great communicator.”

I look forward to working with Tradition Energy. Our Energy Advisor has paved a very profitable path for the Housing Authority moving forward with our natural gas contract. She has been instrumental in educating us as to how this industry works and what factors go into making the decision to lock into a contract at what price, for how long, and what the energy future looks like. We brought in three energy brokers at the beginning of this process and I knew that we were in good hands with Tradition Energy. Our Energy Advisor is profoundly knowledgeable about your industry and is a great communicator. I know that if we have any questions or concerns during the term of our contract that we will get an answer immediately. She represents your company with supreme professionalism.”

- Director of Modernization, Housing Authority

“My Tradition Energy Advisor did an outstanding job making the process easy and effective.”

The conversation we had did not in the least feel like a sales pitch but felt genuine in his explanation of how we could benefit from Tradition’s services. We provided him account numbers and didn’t have to lift another finger. My advisor followed up in a timely manner without me feeling harassed and clearly laid out the results of what cost-saving options we had. He did a fabulous job and we will be sure to spread the word to our contacts.”

- Finance Director, Municipality

“The energy advisors I have the pleasure to work with go above and beyond.”

They provide great insight and support, constantly. Most notably, they assisted me at great lengths prior to an energy agreement being reached and that support has only improved since our agreement was finalized.”

- Energy Manager, Public School District

“The Tradition relationship is incredibly important to us and I’m thrilled with where we are going!”

Your effort here with our Houston hotel group is another fine example of why Tradition is best in class!”

- Director, Operational Planning, Hospitality Owner/Operator

“Tradition Energy and our advisor provide a service that goes well beyond traditional advising.”

Tradition Energy and our advisor provide a service that goes well beyond traditional advising. This is an added value that far exceeds what their competitors offer. The long-term investment they have made in my organization has helped me to achieve my goals and makes me look like a hero to upper management. And it does not stop when the agreement is signed. I rarely make vendor endorsements because so many times they fail to perform to my expectations. But with Tradition, I feel completely comfortable doing this. I wish everyone could see the value that I receive.”

- Facilities Director, Religious Organization

“Can’t say enough about the service you provide – professional, responsive, expert.”

You’re making me look pretty good these days as prices are skyrocketing!

- Facilities Engineering Manager, Municipality

“I find your Quarterly Regional Market Outlook webinars fascinating. You all do a really great job providing and presenting this information.”

- Sustainability Project Manager, Energy and Sustainability Services, Commercial Real Estate Company

“I just want to send a quick note to say thank you, for your guidance to lock in our gas rate ahead of the winter.”

Your forward-thinking and anticipation of marketplace trends was so helpful to keep our rate reasonable for the next few years.”

- Property Manager, Commercial Real Estate Company

“We just had the “utility police” at our office and they were quite impressed with the rates we have for both electric and gas.”

According to them, we have the best around. So thank you!”

- Executive Director, Massachusetts Housing Authority

“Tradition Energy has an excellent team supporting us along with your supporting staff. I’ve NEVER been unable to reach one or both of my primary contacts immediately.”

The level of customer support daily, along with firepower for my executive presentations, has been TOP NOTCH. Keep up the good work!”

- Senior Manager of Environment & Sustainability, Americas, Materials Testing Company

“The Client Advisory Team & the Account Management Team assigned to our company do a fantastic job supporting our various lines of business and we rely heavily on their expertise & providing solid recommendations.”

My Advisor displays a calming/reassuring demeanor during his interaction with various stakeholders across the Company landscape which gives us all the confidence we need to accept his recommendations. AWESOME JOB by the Team!!”

- Director of Procurement, Global Media Company

“My Advisor has been a pleasure to work with!”

She is very knowledgeable and helps us to understand the market and be confident in our decision making.”

- Chief Financial Officer, Commercial Real Estate Company

“My Tradition Energy Advisor is wonderful to work with, info provided is accurate and timely.”

- General Manager, TX Municipality

“I cannot say enough great things about our Tradition Energy Advisor.”

Always beyond professional, knowledgeable and kind. Exactly the type of person we want in our corner and to work with for our energy needs.”

- Assistant Asset Manager, Commercial Real Estate Developer

“They did a good job in communicating and offering needed advice and options.”

I personally would use him again down the road. He allowed me to do my role but was always available and responsive. When I had questions, he gave excellent technical support and documentation. He was persistent but not overly aggressive. To me, the perfect balance in an advisor role for an organization like ours.”

- Purchasing Manager, Industrial Manufacturing Facility

“My energy advisor is wonderful and so responsive!”

- Director of Facilities, Social Services Non Profit

“My Energy Advisor is very responsive and delivered always on time without having to ask again and again. Very professional and reliable.”

- Asset Manager, Real Estate Company

“My Energy Advisor has taken the time to educate me over the years which helps in our analysis.”

- CFO, Automobile Company

“My Energy Advisors are awesome to work with!”

- Director of Real Estate, Telecommunications Service Provider

“My Energy Advisor has particularly been a great resource and advisor for us in making our decisions.”

- Vice President , Chemical Manufacturing Company

“My Energy Advisor has done an excellent job in providing real time market conditions and guiding us in procuring energy,”

“We have really enjoyed working with our Energy Advisor as he has done an excellent job in providing real time market conditions and guiding us in procuring energy at a much better rate than what we had. He stays in touch and we talk frequently. I enjoy working with vendors who act more like a partner and less than a simple provider.”

- Director, Auto Parts Distributor

“Tradition Energy is a procurement advisor that I can recommend to other energy managers. I appreciate the friendliness and willingness to provide what is needed for procurement.”

- Energy Manager, Retail Chain

“My Energy Advisor had me sold on Tradition Energy during my initial reach out to Tradition Energy.”

“My Energy Advisor had me sold on Tradition Energy during my initial reach out to Tradition Energy. They exceeded my expectations and to clarify this: Their attentiveness to not only our company but our 5000 employees was over the top! Energy deregulation is new to Lubbock and the learning curve was huge. They were timely in answering all of my questions, assisting me in preparations to present to our Board of Managers, created educational video for our staff, and worked closely with our legal team to ensure we were prepared to lock in as soon as the opportunity came. Lubbock had multiple delays which pushed out our timeline, but I was never worried because they kept me in the loop of all the happenings in the market. I have referred Tradition Energy to many others, and they too are extremely pleased with the service and the insight Tradition Energy provides. Well Done!”

- Decision Maker, Medical Center Facility

“The team we have had the pleasure to work with has been absolutely fantastic.”

- Property Manager, Real Estate company

“I have been very happy with the service I get from my energy advisor over the past 7 years and always appreciate the proactive measures.”

- Property Manager, Commercial Real Estate Company

“Congratulations to the whole Tradition Energy team for hosting an exceptional client training seminar. ”

The information was invaluable and presented in a really fun way. Please extend my gratitude to folks who took time from their schedules to prepare and then present to us.”

- Director of Facilities, Regional Hospital

“My energy advisor does a fantastic job.”

Seven years ago I think I was Tradition’s smallest customer with an annual load of 25,000 kWh, but my energy advisor treated me like a big customer. Now we are working on a 4 million kWh load in my latest position.”

- School Business Administrator, Public School District

“We are very lucky to have Tradition Energy working on our behalf.”

“They are constantly keeping us abreast to what’s going on in the energy marketplace and that has helped us to purchase our electricity in the most effective way possible.”

- CFO, Data Center

“Tradition has cemented itself among the premier energy consultants operating in the market.”

Our team has been in a unique position to watch Tradition Energy’s growth within the retail energy industry since its entrance eight years ago, and in this short time it has cemented itself among the premier energy consultants operating in the market. In our most recent survey Tradition was listed as a top three channel partner by over 20% of retailer respondents, representing the unique position Tradition has carved out among an already crowded field.”

- Head of Department, Retail Energy Consulting Firm

“In an industry where rapid change is common, it’s indispensable to have a partner such as Tradition Energy to help me make the right decisions at the right time.”

“They know the energy industry inside and out, and this expertise allows me to make educated and precise decisions without worrying about market forces.”

- Manager, Energy Utilities & Profit Improvement, Global Retail Chain

“By aligning with Tradition Energy and their wholesale energy expertise, we have consistently made more effective and timely procurement decisions for our facility.”

- Director of Facilities, University

“Timing the market, budgeting 18 months in advance, and powering-up 16 schools and several municipal government facilities are not easy tasks.”

“Tradition Energy has provided invaluable service on market timing and secured very competitive rates from reliable energy sources, which has significantly reduced our cost for power and allowed us to accurately budget our energy needs.”

- Director of Purchasing, Connecticut Municipality

“Besides having the industry knowledge and expertise to effectively service and manage our energy needs at the lowest available pricing, they are willing to work on any size service from a single 45 watt sign for a non-profit organization to our multi-building portfolio.”

It is all about client service and Tradition Energy shines bright.”

- Energy Manager, Commercial Real Estate

“Tradition’s Client Training sessions were not only informative, but interesting as well.”

Each of the presentations was unique and offered excellent strategies for internal requirements as well as using it for dealing with our supplier base.  The Tradition Energy team is very knowledgeable in each of their respective areas of expertise.”

- Chief Procurement Officer, Global Provider of Print and Communications Services

“Tradition Energy has helped us in many ways with their knowledge, expertise, research and service by identifying products that fit our business and enhance our cash flow, such as Demand Response.”

- Vice President, Oil & Gas Producer

“Tradition has been essential to our successful timing of the energy market.”

“We could never do this so expertly ourselves. They stay on top of us to ensure the absolute right timing on contract decisions.  The advisors we’ve worked with have been patient with our questions, educational and a pleasure to deal with.”

- Executive Director, Housing Authority

“We have engaged Tradition Energy for the past 5 years. They have provided a non-complicated format which enabled us to negotiate our electrical needs. Last year they assisted us with our gas agreement.”

“The experience has been exceptional and has benefited our company in reductions for two major costs within our facility.  Their level of expertise and knowledge has been a proven advantage with their daily market updates in the energy sector.  We have found that the market reports for the futures have been very much on the mark and consistent with short term predictions and long term predictions.  The level of professionalism, responsibility, and care for a customer go well beyond what we had received with previous providers.  They are a full service oriented company.   I would gladly recommend them to anyone entertaining pricing in the energy markets.”

- General Manager, Steel Manufacturer

“Tradition Energy was unique in that they treated our energy procurement request as a process rather than just a one-time transaction.”

“They took the time to educate us on the market conditions, helped formulate a strategy based on multiple procurement options, and then demonstrated the required patience to work the market until a favorable rate was obtained.”

- Director of Facilities , Regional Gaming Operator

“We have been working with Tradition Energy on our electricity and natural gas contracts for more than three years.”

“My Tradition Energy advisor is responsive and understands our objectives. The process is transparent.  There are no surprises and we always know what we will be paying.  I appreciate the frequent market updates.”

- CFO, Private School Facility

“Tradition Energy has been a great asset in our energy procurement process.”

“They are professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with.  They were diligent throughout the process and worked in partnership to help achieve our goals.”

- Purchasing Manager , National Food & Beverage Distributor

“Whether you have a full-time Energy Manager on staff, or not, a collaboration with Tradition Energy will prove to be beneficial.”

“Their team of energy experts has the knowledge and research capability to assist your organization in maximizing utility cost savings.  They operate with a “partnership” approach and we’ve partnered with Tradition Energy since 2008 and it’s one of the best financial decisions our district has made!  I highly recommend you give them an opportunity to show how they can enhance your bottom line.”

- Executive Director of Business Services, Public School District

“Tradition Energy was knowledgeable, quick to react, and easy to work with through the entire procurement process.”

- Director of Strategic Sourcing, Regional Hospital

“Tradition is truly a partner and not just a vendor.”

“I genuinely feel that this is a company that is invested in my success and has always strived to help me achieve my goals.”

- Manager, Energy, Utilities & Profit Improvement, National Retail Chain

“We rely on Tradition Energy to help us make educated energy decisions that affect our locations’ bottom line.”

“With facilities nationwide, it is important to be able to trust those with the expertise to advise us and facilitate cost reduction with such a volatile commodity.”

- Corporate Purchasing Manager, National Entertainment Facility Operator

“Tradition Energy took the guess work out of my decision by providing me with multiple quotes.”

They analyzed my utility usage and watched the market and advised me when they thought it was the right time to buy.  We hit the market perfectly.”

- Facility Director, Auto Dealership