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[Market Monitor] ERCOT Power Prices Rise Despite Falling Natural Gas Prices

February 21, 2024 – What is happening? Starting about a decade ago, the U.S., including Texas, began moving toward a greener electric generation environment promoted by government policy, including financial incentives for building renewable generation.  The consequence was that coal plants were shuttered, and there was no investment in dispatchable generation, with all the investment […]

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[Market Monitor] Massachusetts Nat Gas Utility Costs Are Rising

February 12, 2024 – Utilities in Massachusetts have many long-term pipeline agreements negotiated to ensure adequate supply can flow into the region to support peak demands for their service areas. The cost of those agreements has been rising lately, so many utilities have adjusted their rates. What happened? Over the past several years, interstate natural […]

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Market Monitor – Massachusetts Energy Legislation Will Benefit Some, Others Not So Much

August 19, 2022 – Massachusetts has passed energy legislation designed to accelerate the transition to a lower emission economy. The legislation includes several new programs, revisions or expansion of some existing programs, and a more precise roadmap for the buildout of more renewable generation resources in the Commonwealth. Expanded EV Programs: The legislation includes incentives […]

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