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Market Monitor – Winter Storm Uri: Long Term Price Impacts

In the days and weeks following the energy crisis caused by Winter Storm Uri a large number of legislative measures seeking to change electricity market rules were introduced in ERCOT, but added risk of volatility in the market is driving increases in forward prices more than potential rule changes. The highly publicized Senate Bill 2142 […]

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Market Monitor – New Rules for Marketing RECs in Connecticut Likely to Impact Current Agreements, Increase Future Prices

Since late 2016, regulators in Connecticut (CT-PURA) have been researching the growing market for renewable or “green” energy products. As a result of that process, conducted under Docket 16-12-29, decisions were made regarding what qualifies as green energy and how the marketing of green energy needed to change. What did the regulators find? Regulators found that most […]

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Market Monitor – Regulators Introduce New Rules for Marketing Renewable Energy Certificates in Connecticut

Starting in late 2016, the regulators in Connecticut (CT-PURA) have been discussing the growing market for renewable or “green” energy products.  As part of that investigation, conducted under Docket 16-12-29, it was decided that what qualifies as green energy and how it is marketed needed to change. What did they find? Regulators found that most […]

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Development of a Bullish 2021 Natural Gas Price Environment

Reduced drilling activity and capital expenditures (CAPEX) cuts by oil and natural gas producers present a strong risk of higher natural gas and, subsequently, electricity prices in the coming years. In 2020, mild winter weather and record natural gas production levels have dragged natural gas prices to 25-year lows. Also, oil prices have collapsed to […]

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ERCOT Reserve Margins – Forward Outlook

ERCOT projects reserve margins to be 10-18% over the next five years with the improvement between Summer 2020 and Summer 2021 primarily attributed to the near 5,000 MW of solar capacity and 700 MW of new wind capacity expected to come online.

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ERCOT Electricity – Natural Gas Correlation Widening

Many electricity markets follow natural gas markets as the majority of the generation is fueled by natural gas, and those gas generators set the price of power as often as 80% of the time. However, as energy markets evolve, this historically tight correlation has broken in some regions, namely ERCOT.

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