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Here’s how the solar eclipse could affect the US power grid

With solar energy capacity growing around the country, the solar eclipse today presents a unique situation for the US. As the moon blocks out the sun across California, North Carolina, Utah, and other solar-heavy states, total solar generation is expected to plummet to less than 50% of total capacity. On August 21, 2017, parts of […]

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Southern California power supply at risk this summer: FERC

A perfect storm is brewing in New England and California  The Aliso Canyon natural gas leak, unexpected lower generation capacity, and warmer than anticipated weather could threaten reliability and strain electricity grids.  One way to avoid high prices resulting from the increased demand is to sign up for Tradition Energy’s Coincident Peak Alert Notifications. Natural […]

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SolarCity Completes Remote Microgrid 4,000 Miles off US West Coast

Microgrids are currently being implemented in remote locations, like the islands of American Samoa, but also have the potential to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure reliable electricity in communities around the globe. A remote microgrid can play a crucial role on a far-flung island, as SolarCity shows today in unveiling a completed project 4,000 […]

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PJM’s hot summer fails to generate demand

PJM representatives have stated that increases in solar net metering, conservation efforts, and more efficient electronic devices as possible reasons for the lower peak load.   This summer in the PJM Interconnection was hotter than the prior three, but systemwide peakload was lower than the highest peakload for those years, and PJM staffers are unsure […]

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NRC: Staff Must Reanalyze Indian Point Accident Impacts

The Indian Point Energy Center, located about 35 miles from Manhattan, is a vital resource for clean nuclear power for the New York City area. Many groups, however, are attempting to stop the Energy Center from renewing its license, which if successful, may increase prices for end users in the region. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission […]

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Market Monitor – Southeastern US Natural Gas Outlook

Due to increases in power sector demand for gas, coupled with growing demand from the industrial sector in the region, overall natural gas demand in the Southeastern US is expected to grow by nearly 8 Bcf/d over the next 15 years. All these factors combine to create significant risk of higher natural gas basis prices […]

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