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Ohio electric deregulation on the chopping block?

Utilities in Ohio are working on legislation that would cut back on electricity deregulation in the state in order to help fund power plants that are struggling to stay open with the low-price environment for electricity.  The utilities are looking for subsidies similar to ones in other states, but opponents say that the subsidies would […]

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Wisconsin Manufacturers Call for Retail Choice

Large electricity users are lobbying Wisconsin state regulators to allow for 3rd party electricity competition for the state. Wisconsin currently has the highest electricity rates of any Midwestern state, and is above the US average for all electricity users. Wisconsin regulators began considering electric competition in 1994 but closed the docket in 2000, deciding not […]

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NY regulators propose generous Upstate nuclear subsidies

New York is trying to avoid three upstate nuclear plants shutting down due to lack of funding. These plants are vital to providing clean lower cost energy for the entire state, and without them, not only will New York fail to reach emissions targets, but the entire region will be susceptible to higher prices. State […]

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NRC: Staff Must Reanalyze Indian Point Accident Impacts

The Indian Point Energy Center, located about 35 miles from Manhattan, is a vital resource for clean nuclear power for the New York City area. Many groups, however, are attempting to stop the Energy Center from renewing its license, which if successful, may increase prices for end users in the region. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission […]

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OneNYC: With NYC Solar Capacity Tripled Since 2014, Mayor de Blasio Announces Launch of Citywide Solarize NYC Program to Further Expand Access to Lower-Cost Solar

New York City is going all in on solar. With the Solarize NYC project aiming to reduce solar costs by 20%, there has never been a better time to consider solar options in NYC. Solarize NYC key piece of OneNYC goal of moving toward renewables, part of Mayor de Blasio’s 80×50 commitment NEW YORK-Mayor Bill […]

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