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The Definitive Guide to Hiring an Energy Advisor, Part 2: Covering Energy Supply Needs from Soup to Nuts

In our previous installment, we started a five-part series with advice for the energy buyer when engaging an energy advisory firm to assist with the procurement and management of energy supply. We highlighted the five key factors to consider: Experience Full-Service Solutions Wholesale Market Expertise Strategic Approach Independent Status We initially discussed how important “experience” […]

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Two Innovative Ways to Reduce Energy Costs with Little Investment

When you think about ways to reduce your organization’s energy costs, two solutions typically come to mind.  One is that you can work to procure a lower rate for your electricity or natural gas supply.  The other is that you can put together an energy efficiency program designed to reduce the amount of energy you […]

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Demand response saves electricity during times of high demand

According to EIA, the average commercial customer received over $600 for participating, while industrial customers received over $9,000 just for reducing their energy usage during times of peak demand.  If your firm has the ability to reduce load during times of peak demand, such as mid-afternoon on weekdays, enrolling in a DR program can greatly […]

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Pew report: Industrial energy efficiency to grow 22% by 2030

Pew has issued a new report looking at the evolving electricity grid through the lens of industrial efficiency, concluding the grid is quickly being modernized – but perhaps not fast enough. Power outages cost U.S. businesses billions of dollars each year, and the high number of grid disturbances put the country’s electric system in weak company. The […]

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How demand flexibility is about to transform electricity delivery

Automated energy efficiency, dubbed ‘flexiwatts,’ could change how we consume energy for good Solar and battery storage are commonly noted as the biggest threats — and opportunities — for the utility business model, but a new report shows that when consumers use their electricity may matter just as much to utilities as if they produce […]

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