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ERCOT Sets New April Demand Record

Peak demand records are being set already in ERCOT, and its only May!  Load up on the sunblock and get your peak demand management ready, it could be a long, hot summer… ERCOT last month set a new record for April peak demand, registering a high of 53,420 MW during the hour ending 5 p.m. […]

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Cuomo Confirms Deal to Close Indian Point Nuclear Plant

The Indian Point nuclear power plant located just 30 miles from New York City will officially shut down in 2021, likely increasing rate payer utility bills.  While this change won’t take place for several years, it will force New York to add electricity generation through renewable energy sources or by using hydro power from Quebec. […]

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NY regulators propose generous Upstate nuclear subsidies

New York is trying to avoid three upstate nuclear plants shutting down due to lack of funding. These plants are vital to providing clean lower cost energy for the entire state, and without them, not only will New York fail to reach emissions targets, but the entire region will be susceptible to higher prices. State […]

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NRC: Staff Must Reanalyze Indian Point Accident Impacts

The Indian Point Energy Center, located about 35 miles from Manhattan, is a vital resource for clean nuclear power for the New York City area. Many groups, however, are attempting to stop the Energy Center from renewing its license, which if successful, may increase prices for end users in the region. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission […]

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U.S. Acts to Spur Development of High-Tech Reactors

A nuclear reactor under construction in 2014 in Georgia. The government is encouraging the development of new reactor designs, and is giving two companies grants of up to $40 million each. Credit John Bazemore/Associated Press The Obama administration is providing seed money for two advanced nuclear reactor designs, part of its effort to keep nuclear […]

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