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The Definitive Guide to Hiring an Energy Advisor, Part 2: Covering Energy Supply Needs from Soup to Nuts

In our previous installment, we started a five-part series with advice for the energy buyer when engaging an energy advisory firm to assist with the procurement and management of energy supply. We highlighted the five key factors to consider: Experience Full-Service Solutions Wholesale Market Expertise Strategic Approach Independent Status We initially discussed how important “experience” […]

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Two Innovative Ways to Reduce Energy Costs with Little Investment

When you think about ways to reduce your organization’s energy costs, two solutions typically come to mind.  One is that you can work to procure a lower rate for your electricity or natural gas supply.  The other is that you can put together an energy efficiency program designed to reduce the amount of energy you […]

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IKEA Builds Sustainability, Energy Savings

Large retail stores – the same ones that will be flooded with customers this coming holiday weekend – are leading the way in solar energy and energy storage. IKEA, one of those retail giants, is adding fuel cells and batteries to several stores this year, hoping that the solar, fuel cell, and battery technologies will […]

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NJ Senate panel advances bill requiring 80% renewable energy

New Jersey is looking to become the renewable energy leader in the Northeast with a goal of 80% renewables by 2050.  With many states pushing for more and more renewable energy options and those renewable options becoming cheaper and cheaper, now is a good time to begin exploring long-term renewable energy options. Eighty percent of […]

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Getting To 100% Renewable Energy In the US

Getting to 100% renewable energy in the US by 2050 is a goal that is gaining traction among the US public. Reports from many environmental organizations have been written on how to get to this target, including from Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Foundation. After last year’s COP21 conference, the momentum has gotten stronger in […]

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How Iceland Drilled For Renewable Energy And Struck Tourists

People bathe in the ‘Blue lagoon ‘ geothermal spa, one of the most visited attractions in Iceland in the Reykjanes peninsula, southwestern Iceland. (JOEL SAGET/AFP/Getty Images) PARIS—The president of Iceland credits renewable energy for reviving the tiny island nation’s economy after financial collapse. Geothermal energy provided the baseload Iceland needed to recover, said President Ólafur […]

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