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Five Costly Energy Buying Mistakes – and How to Avoid Them

Energy decision-makers wear a lot of hats – and their job descriptions are all over the map:  purchasing agents, property managers, CFOs, operations directors or presidents.   The point is, it’s rare to find a person who specializes in “energy procurement” alone.  For most of these people, “commodity procurement” or “energy management” is only a small […]

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Energy Procurement Mistakes You Didn’t Realize You Were Making (and How to Avoid Them): #3 – Lack of a Proper Procurement Strategy

Energy procurement requires a significantly different process than the procurement of most other goods and services. If you’ve been your organization’s procurement officer for any length of time, this is likely not the first time you’ve heard that. This series on the “Top Energy Procurement Mistakes” seeks to explain why this process is such a different beast.

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The Future of Solar Looks Very Bright

For years, renewable energy options have existed under a stigma: It sure would be a nice thing to do, but the up-front setup cost is just too high. When looking at these “nice” solutions like solar power, companies often consider the notion of “grid parity,” too. Is the cost of renewable energy on par with […]

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ERCOT reserve margins likely to dip below target: IMM

Several coal- and natural gas-fired power plants are shutting down in Texas within the next year. This is expected to drop ERCOT’s reserve margin below their target threshold, which board members are expecting will strengthen power prices in the coming years. Recently announced planned retirements of 4,500 MW of generation capacity in the Electric Reliability […]

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