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Eversource Energy proposing wind farm off Connecticut coast

Connecticut is joining  New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts in welcoming offshore wind projects to increase their renewable energy production.  The Constitution Wind Project, one of many offshore wind projects proposed to the state, would supply power to 100,000 homes and help reduce the state’s reliance on natural gas for electricity generation. Eversource Energy and a […]

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Southern California power supply at risk this summer: FERC

A perfect storm is brewing in New England and California  The Aliso Canyon natural gas leak, unexpected lower generation capacity, and warmer than anticipated weather could threaten reliability and strain electricity grids.  One way to avoid high prices resulting from the increased demand is to sign up for Tradition Energy’s Coincident Peak Alert Notifications. Natural […]

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Massachusetts Plan to Fund New Gas Lines Rejected by Court

The Supreme Court in MA has rejected a plan that would allow utilities to charge customers to help finance new natural gas pipelines.  The good news for customers is they will not be charged additional fees; the bad news is that customers are still susceptible to huge price spikes due to not enough natural gas […]

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New gas pipelines would make U.S. miss climate target

Although many of the 19 proposed Northeast pipelines will not be built, the added natural gas production and consumption would increase greenhouse gas emissions, exactly what the US is attempting to limit. A service truck drives past an oil well in North Dakota, November 2014. The United States will miss its emission-reduction targets under the […]

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Natural Gas Pipeline Congestion is Squeezing Energy Managers

New England winter natural gas prices are highly dependent on supply coming into the region. Several planned pipeline extensions, which would bring much needed extra supply to New England are in danger of being shut down. If opponents of Kinder Morgan’s $3.3 billion pipeline project have their way, federal regulators will throw out its application […]

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ISO-NE: Renewables are driving up capacity market prices

The rise of renewables in New England is keeping prices down in electricity markets, but at the same time driving up costs in the capacity market. According to the ISO, traditional generation sources are forced to price their capacity higher to offset a loss of revenue in the electricity markets because renewables — sans fuel costs — are […]

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