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[Market Monitor] ERCOT Power Prices Rise Despite Falling Natural Gas Prices

February 21, 2024 – What is happening? Starting about a decade ago, the U.S., including Texas, began moving toward a greener electric generation environment promoted by government policy, including financial incentives for building renewable generation.  The consequence was that coal plants were shuttered, and there was no investment in dispatchable generation, with all the investment […]

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ERCOT reserve margins likely to dip below target: IMM

Several coal- and natural gas-fired power plants are shutting down in Texas within the next year. This is expected to drop ERCOT’s reserve margin below their target threshold, which board members are expecting will strengthen power prices in the coming years. Recently announced planned retirements of 4,500 MW of generation capacity in the Electric Reliability […]

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Morning Energy Blog – June 26, 2017

Equities and the Economy: • Nasdaq back to its winning ways. • Housing market still on fire. The Dow and S&P 500 ended little changed on Friday with the former slipping 3 points to 21,385 and the latter rising 4 points to end at 2,438. The Nasdaq, which had a flash crash earlier this month, […]

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Southern California power supply at risk this summer: FERC

A perfect storm is brewing in New England and California  The Aliso Canyon natural gas leak, unexpected lower generation capacity, and warmer than anticipated weather could threaten reliability and strain electricity grids.  One way to avoid high prices resulting from the increased demand is to sign up for Tradition Energy’s Coincident Peak Alert Notifications. Natural […]

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ERCOT Sets New April Demand Record

Peak demand records are being set already in ERCOT, and its only May!  Load up on the sunblock and get your peak demand management ready, it could be a long, hot summer… ERCOT last month set a new record for April peak demand, registering a high of 53,420 MW during the hour ending 5 p.m. […]

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