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    Market Monitor – Pacific Northwest Hydro Production Falls

    Hydroelectric production levels in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) dropped significantly in August from both year-ago levels and from the previous month as well below-normal levels of precipitation during the month appeared to impact the availability hydropower supplies in the region. According to data from the US Army Corps of Engineers, total net electricity generation at […]

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    Market Monitor – RPS Massachusetts – UPDATED

    Starting over a decade ago, the Massachusetts legislature began creating laws that require all suppliers of electricity (including utilities) to obtain a certain percentage of their electricity from renewables. The original legislation, called the Renewable Portfolio Standard or RPS, began in 2003 with all suppliers required to purchase 1% of generation from qualifying renewables. Since […]

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    Market Monitor – FERC Ruling on Ohio PPAs

    On April 27, 2016 FERC ruled in favor of groups challenging FirstEnergy’s and AEP’s long term electricity supply agreements. The ruling rescinded the previously granted section 205 waivers, which had allowed the utilities to purchase electricity from their affiliate generators, effectively invalidating the PPAs. Additionally it questioned the non-bypassable RRS rider proposed to fund the […]

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