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10-Year Energy Agreements Are Growing In Popularity Among Large Energy Users. Are They Here To Stay?

In the world of finance and procurement, some of the preferred buzzwords include “conservative,” “stable,” and “predictable.”  Because of the need to keep operational costs as low as possible, energy procurement presents a unique set of challenges to businesses that use a lot of energy.   To begin with, energy commodities are volatile – and electricity […]

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Energy Aggregations: Lower Prices, Higher Cost?

Your organization’s electricity contract is set to expire, and you have to make a decision soon.  You’ve been told that you’ll get the best deal if you join a regional energy aggregation that already has a membership made up of around 20 organizations like yours.  You’ve also been assured that the size and membership of […]

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Ohio electric deregulation on the chopping block?

Utilities in Ohio are working on legislation that would cut back on electricity deregulation in the state in order to help fund power plants that are struggling to stay open with the low-price environment for electricity.  The utilities are looking for subsidies similar to ones in other states, but opponents say that the subsidies would […]

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Natural gas-fired generating capacity likely to increase over next two years

Continuing with the trend of rising reliance on natural gas for electricity generation, the US is expected to add over 11GW of natural gas generating capacity in the next two years. Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Electric Power Annual and Preliminary Monthly Electric Generator Inventory The electricity industry is planning to increase natural gas-fired generating […]

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Natural gas prices in 2016 were the lowest in nearly 20 years

Due to mild weather, slowing residential and commercial demand, and near-record level storage inventories, natural gas monthly and annual prices for 2016 were the lowest since the late 1990’s. While it is not too late to take advantage of the low-price environment for natural gas, the EIA is expecting prices to be higher in 2017. […]

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U.S. natural gas prices surge amid supply fears

The natural gas supply glut that dropped gas and electricity prices could soon turn into a supply issue and possible price spike as 23 straight weeks of below-average gas injections has left the US with far less gas than was expected going into the winter.   U.S. natural gas prices have surged to the highest […]

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