About Tradition Energy

London Floor

Tradition Energy, London, the largest brokering operation in Europe.

Tradition Energy is the nation’s largest independent energy risk management, procurement, and sustainability solutions consultant. Clients partner with us to manage their energy expenditures, implement renewable energy solutions, and develop integrated ESG strategies to reduce their carbon footprint. We are part of the Tradition Group, one of the world’s top 3 institutional brokers of financial products and commodities with over 2,400 employees in 30 countries.

Key Numbers


Why Clients Choose Tradition Energy

• 34 years in the global energy markets
• 17 countries in Europe where Tradition has procured energy
• “Best practices” originating from our experience with global clients results in the best customised local solutions
• The scale of our business means more energy suppliers competing for our clients’ business and offering better prices and commercial terms
Wholesale Market Knowledge & Expertise
• Industry-acclaimed as a market research expert and primary source for market intelligence
• Procurement and wholesale market expertise lead to better-informed decisions and additional savings
Strategic Analysis & Recommendations
• Our Strategic Procurement Analysis Report, a detailed summary and energy blueprint for the facility, gives an in-depth analysis of the various strategies and options for each market
• Tradition’s Strategic Advisory Committee, who review and provide procurement advice, is made up of our most senior energy executives
• 95% of our clients say that our “strategic recommendations are making a positive or very positive contribution to their enterprise” and 97% say they are “likely or very likely to use our service again.”
Independent, Unbiased & Transparent
• Transparent business practices
• No conflicts of interest; supplier negotiation and pricing are separated from the advisory team
• Our recommendations result in a solution that is best for the client

Strategic Procurement Solutions

Strategic Risk Management
• Exposure analysis, hedging recommendations
Energy Procurement & Supply Management
• Supplier vetting, customized reverse-auction RFPs
Market Research & Intelligence
• Primary research reporting, energy market insight and pricing
Data Management & Reporting
• Usage/cost tracking, budgeting/forecasting, performance monitoring
Bill Processing & Payment
• Process, validate, and pay utility invoices
• Renewable energy procurement and reporting
Client Services
• Rate verification, account switching, issue resolution
Client Education
• Risk Management, Price Forecast, product and service seminars and webinars
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